Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry at Moorpark Dental Studio includes a wide range of aesthetic dental services and treatments aimed at improving and enhancing your smile. Dr. Gury Batlle can help you choose one service like teeth whitening or combine several to get the beautiful, healthy smile you want.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is about taking your inherently beautiful smile and improving the parts of it you don't like. Using one or more of the following treatments, our cosmetic dentist in Moorpark can correct:

  • Chipped, cracked, and broken teeth
  • Size and shape differences
  • Tooth stains and discoloration
  • Uneven spacing between teeth
  • Slightly misaligned teeth

You and Dr. Batlle will discuss your goals and expectations, and he will recommend the appropriate treatment to meet them. Your personal smile makeover may be as simple as teeth whitening or may include two or more of the following services.

Easy, Affordable Teeth Whitening

Of all the cosmetic dental services, teeth whitening is an easy way to make a bold statement without breaking your budget.

Your teeth can become stained and dull as a result of aging, and consuming foods and beverages like dark berries and coffee that stain teeth. Smoking and tobacco use are the worst culprits because they deposit ugly, hard-to-remove brown stains on tooth enamel.

At Moorpark Dental Studio, we offer custom take-home teeth whitening kits. Your kit includes prescription-strength whitening gel matched to your tooth sensitivity and custom whitening trays. In about two weeks, you'll be rewarded with bright, white teeth and a stunning smile.

Bonding & Tooth-Colored Fillings for Minor Smile Flaws

We use composite resin for our tooth-colored fillings and dental bonding because it closely mimics the appearance of tooth enamel. When we fill a cavity or make an aesthetic repair, the material blends in so seamlessly that even you won't be able to detect it!

Porcelain Veneers for a Fresh New Look

Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic shells that our cosmetic dentist bonds to the front surfaces of the teeth we're treating.  We commonly recommend dental veneers to cover chips, cracks, gaps, uneven shapes, or severe discoloration.

Have one or two teeth you think could benefit from veneers? That's fine! We can place one veneer or an entire set depending on your needs and preferences.

Porcelain veneers are also referred to as "instant orthodontics," because Dr. Batlle can use them to conceal slight tooth misalignments.

Aesthetic All-Porcelain Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped shell of porcelain that protects a weakened tooth to protect it from chewing forces. Since a crown covers an entire tooth, however, we also use them for cosmetic dentistry purposes.

Placing a dental crown on a tooth that's poorly shaped or permanently discolored hides it from view and leaves you with a healthier-looking, more uniform smile.

Getting Started with Cosmetic Dentistry in Moorpark, CA

Before we start your cosmetic dental treatment, we need to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. If they're not, it doesn't mean you can't have cosmetic dentistry; it just means that we need to do a little work first. We don't want to put veneers on decayed teeth, and you wouldn't want us to!

The first step is to schedule an appointment for a dental exam and teeth cleaning at Moorpark Dental Studio. Dr. Batlle and our hygienist will look for signs of cavities, gum disease, and any other issues and come up with a treatment plan to correct them.

Schedule a Cosmetic Dentistry Appointment

Dr. Gury Batlle and our team find it very gratifying when a patient with aesthetic dental flaws sees their "new" smile for the first time. The joy on their faces and the difference it can make to their entire life outlook is the reason why we love working in dentistry.

If you would like to learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Moorpark, CA and how it can benefit you, please call us at (808) 523-0110.

Our dental office is pleased to serve patients in Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Fillmore, Camarillo, and all surrounding communities.