Preventive Dentistry

Dental exams and teeth cleanings at Moorpark Dental Studio every six months contribute to a healthier smile in general. Dr. Gury Batlle and his dental team always have a current picture of your unique oral health needs. 

That way, they can anticipate problems and take preventive measures before they occur. If a condition like a cavity or gum disease develops, they’ll treat it promptly to protect your oral health. 

Dental Exams and Teeth Cleanings Every Six Months

Everyone needs a dental exam and teeth cleaning every six months. If you brush and floss like a pro and your teeth and gums feel fine, these services ensure they stay that way. 

Routine Dental Exams

The benefit of routine dental checkups is that our dentist monitors your oral health ongoing. If we detect a cavity or gingivitis, our dentist can treat them promptly and spare you the unnecessary discomfort of a toothache or time missed from work.

Seeing us every six months also helps control dental costs; it’s more cost-effective to fix a small cavity than wait until it spreads and treatment becomes more complex and costly. 

Every dental exam with Dr. Batlle includes the following:

  • Check each tooth for cavities
  • Look for signs of gum disease
  • Examine your jaw and dental bite
  • Check the condition of existing dental work
  • Perform an oral cancer screening
  • Update dental x-rays as needed

At Moorpark Dental Studio, we like to keep our patients informed about their oral health needs. We can tell you as much or as little as you want to know, but knowledge is power, and understanding your dental needs can help you make informed decisions in your daily life that support a healthier smile.

Dental Exams Keep You Informed About Your Oral Health

One way we keep you engaged is with technology like intraoral cameras that give you a view of your mouth you’ve probably never seen before!

An intraoral camera is a small digital instrument Dr. Batlle uses during dental exams to give you a front-row seat. As he moves the camera around your mouth, you can view the images on your chairside monitor. Instead of just telling you a problem exists, he can show you worn or cracked teeth, cavities, or old failing dental work, so you understand why we recommend treatment.

Teeth Cleanings with a Dental Hygienist

Brushing twice a day and flossing once are critical for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. You should also support your efforts with professional teeth cleanings with a dental hygienist every six months or as recommended.

During your cleaning, the hygienist removes all the plaque your brush and floss can’t reach. They also use specialized instruments to eliminate tartar, or hardened plaque, that no amount of at-home brushing can do.

If we find signs of periodontal disease, our dentist and hygienist will recommend a treatment plan to resolve it. The type of cleaning we provide depends on whether you have gingivitis, the mildest form, or advanced gum disease called periodontitis.

Schedule Your Dental Exam in Moorpark, CA

Regardless of your oral health situation now, Dr. Batlle and his dental team would love the opportunity to help you take your smile to the next level. If you’re facing multiple dental issues, we can work with you to resolve them; if your smile is healthy, we’ll help you keep it that way.

Please call us at (808) 523-0110 to schedule your next checkup and cleaning at our Moorpark, CA dental office.

We are pleased to welcome patients from Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Fillmore, Camarillo, and all surrounding communities.