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How do cavities form?

Teeth consist of three layers; a hard outer layer called enamel, a softer layer beneath called dentin, and the innermost part called the pulp.

How Tooth Cavities Form

Tooth decay occurs when you don’t routinely brush and floss to remove the sticky, bacteria-filled film on your teeth called plaque. Every time you eat or drink something sweet, bacteria feed on the sugar (carbohydrates) and create acid.

This process is repeated every time you eat or drink something sugary or starchy during the day. The repeated acid attacks gradually eat away at tooth enamel and create a hole in your tooth called a cavity.

We Offer Tooth-Colored Fillings

At Moorpark Dental Studio, we offer white tooth-colored fillings for patients with cavities. Tooth-colored filling material uses a composite resin material that looks very similar to tooth enamel and can be customized to match your tooth color.

Our Moorpark, CA dentist Dr. Gury Batlle chooses composite dental fillings because they’re long-lasting and help us preserve tooth structure; our patients like them because they create a seamless, virtually invisible tooth repair.

Do You Have a Cavity and Need a Filling?

If you think you have a cavity and need a filling or are due for your next dental exam and cleaning, please call Moorpark Dental Studio so we can help you schedule a convenient appointment.

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